DEBWrite: Free Customizable Web-based Dictionary Writing System

Authors: Adam Rambousek, Aleš Horák

Today, lexicographers can avail themselves of several commercial and freely distributed dictionary writing systems (DWS). Nevertheless, there is still a group of users whose requirements are not satisfied by existing DWSs. In various lexicographic forums, there is a growing demand for freely available DWS that allows customization of the dictionary microstructure. In accordance with such requests, a new project was developed as part of the DEB (Dictionary Editor and Browser) platform. DEBWrite is implemented as a multi-platform web application based on open standards. It allows users to create and share a new dictionary without any difficult configuration or advanced technical skills. According to a defined entry structure, the editing form and the public dictionary browser are generated automatically. DEBWrite supports small and larger team cooperation when working on the dictionary content. Access rights management for the created dictionary involves three levels of user roles: a manager, an editor, and a reader. It is possible to publish the resulting dictionary in various formats, both for human readers, and for external applications (e.g. NLP-related applications that need to work with lexicographic data). The dictionary may be published in an online form, or in formats suitable for print preparation.

Keywords: dictionary writing system; lexicographic platform; dictionary authoring; DEB platform

Reference: In Kosem, I., Jakubiček, M., Kallas, J., Krek, S. (eds.) Electronic lexicography in the 21st century: linking lexical data in the digital age. Proceedings of the eLex 2015 conference, 11-13 August 2015, Herstmonceux Castle, United Kingdom. Ljubljana/Brighton: Trojina, Institute for Applied Slovene Studies/Lexical Computing Ltd., pp. 443-451.


Published: 2015