Human and Machine-driven Lexicographic Resources

Come and join this optional event lead by the K Dictionaries team of lexicographic experts.

Thursday 21 September

3pm – 4pm


K DICTIONARIES develops cross-lingual lexical resources for 50 languages – including the handmade creation of quality lexicographic content, automatic generation of new data, and crafting dedicated working tools and digital lexicography solutions – and cooperates with a wide range of publishing, technology, academic and other professional partners worldwide. The KD Workshop @ eLex 2017 will present different forms of manual editing and automatic data generation for human use and machine application combined with practical examples. Participants will gain insight into various methods for developing and handling lexicographic resources.


  • working with lexicographers around the world
  • mapping the language DNA
  • creating cross-lingual lexical networks
  • developing tools for data compilation and processing
  • auto-generating new resources based on existing ones
  • adapting to new data formats and methodologies
  • interoperating with NLP applications


No fee will be charged.