This time schedule will help you plan your travel and make arrangements. There may be small time adjustments before the final programme is published. The location is Hotel Passage unless indicated otherwise.

Monday 26 June

14:00–18:00 Sketch Engine workshop

Tuesday 27 June

08:00–9:15 Registration
09:15–18:50 conference (keynotes, paper presentations, lunch)
18:50–20:30 Welcome Reception

Wednesday 28 June

09:00–18:25 conference (keynotes, poster session, demo session, paper presentations, lunch)
afternoon – round table on Large language models and AI in lexicography
19:30–22:00 Gala dinner

Thursday 29 June

09:00–13:15 conference programme (keynotes, paper presentations, closing)
14:00–18:00 Workshop on Lexicography and CEFR (held at Faculty of Informatics, Botanická 68a)