The Sketch Engine workshop will showcase functions, workflows and tips on using Sketch Engine. It will focus on less known functions and procedures. It is not intended as an introduction to using Sketch Engine. The participants do not need to be Sketch Engine users but it is useful to have some experience of using corpus software.


The workshop is free of charge but registration is required. Select the option during conference registration. The number of participants is limited on first come, first served basis.


The workshop is BYOD (bring your own device). Get your laptop ready to try some of the feature yourself. There will be practical tasks. A tablet or mobile is possible but some functions may be less easy to use.

Preliminary content

Effective workflows
This part will focus on being more effective when using the Sketch Engine interface.

Corpus building tips and tricks
There are some useful features of corpus building which are underused by our users. We will explain how they work.

Working with metadata in your corpora
This part focusses on adding annotations, or metadata, to your data and how to make use of them during the corpus analysis.

New corpora in Sketch Engine
This short slot will highlight some newly-added and unique corpora in Sketch Engine.

New functions in Sketch Engine
The main tools in Sketch Engine have received updates over the past couple of years. We will highlight what is new.

Working with non-English tagsets
This short slot will focus on working with languages other than English in Sketch Engine and also on using their tagsets, which are often far more complicated than the English tagset.


Monday 26 June 2023 2PM–6PM


Hotel Passage (the eLex conference venue), room Large 1


Free of charge but registration is required.


40 seats