Round table

The round table on Large language models and AI in lexicography will take place in the conference venue (Hotel Passage) on the afternoon of 28 June 2023.


The advent of AI tools like ChatGPT has had an unprecedented impact on the way many people perceive AI’s potential in various fields, including lexicography. As a result, we have witnessed a simultaneous surge of enthusiasm, skepticism, and even fear. In an effort to shed light on the current developments in AI and their relevance for the present and future of lexicography, we are organizing a round table discussion featuring experts from both fields.

Organizers & panelists

Moderator: Simon Krek (Jožef Stefan Institute; University of Ljubljana)


Organized by:

  • Iztok Kosem (Jožef Stefan Institute; University of Ljubljana)
  • Jelena Kallas (Institute of the Estonian Language)