K Dictionaries invites eLex 2019 participants to a workshop on lexicographic data, including sessions by KD members and partners, featuring the following topics:

  • automatic generation and manual editing
  • formats, standards and the Ontolex lexicog module
  • dissemination by API and modes of use
  • lexicographic resources and interoperability with other domains
  • morphological and other enrichment

The workshop will be held following the closure of the conference, on October 3, from 14:15 to 15:45, and have the following agenda:

  • Ilan Kernerman (K Dictionaries) – Introduction and coordination
  • Yifat Ben Moshe (K Dictionaries) – Developing lexicographic data
  • Julia Bosque Gil (University of Zaragoza) – lexicog: Overview of the new module for lexicography of OntoLex-lemon
  • Jorge Gracia (University of Zaragoza) – KD data in RDF: Building a truly interconnected cross-lingual graph
  • John McCrae (National University Ireland, Galway) – Naisc: Dictionary linking made easy in the Elexis infrastructure
  • Dorielle Lonke (K Dictionaries) – Lexicala API hands-on session

Participation is open for everyone. If you would like to receive credentials for the API hands-on, please contact lexicala@kdictionaries.com prior to the workshop.